A Little About Myself

I am a Computer Engineering major at UIUC and I have a passion for artificial intelligence, data science, and technology in general. Some of my interests besides computer science are tennis, basketball, football, and League of Legends. I enjoy hanging out with friends and going out to see the newest films. You can often find me either at the tennis courts grinding or on League of Legends!

My Recent Projects


Online marketplace for food connecting consumers with local businesses looking to sell off leftover food or deals from a surplus and with private chefs and cooks looking to fulfill on demand food requests.


Automatic DJ application allowing users to vote on songs and playlists that are queued up appropriately in real time, eliminating the need for an old-fashioned, slow, and disorganized list.

News Mood

A color coded overall sentiment map of the world. After scraping and doing a sentiment analysis of various data from a multitude of nations in the world, we are able to provide an overall sentiment or a glimpse towards how a country is feeling in real time.


Node.js server based web app educational game / tool that allows teachers to educate students in an interactive and amusing fashion alongside providing some incentive for learning

Stranger Danger

Crowdsourced iOS application that aggregates the user's location data and subsequently analyzes local crime data. This data is inputted into an algorithm that outputs a danger score with markers of past crimes on the map near the user

Coming Soon

My Research Papers

From Sea to Shining Sea

My team and I came up with a comprehensive solution / mathematical model for the protection and maintenance of various national parks around the nation, incorporating data of risk of sea level changes, climate changes, financial resources, and more.

Better ATE than never: Reducing Food Waste

My team and I came up with a comprehensive solution / mathematic model for the reduction of the massive amounts of food waste in the USA. Taking in account the food insecure population and the food waste they generate, the tendencies of people to be foolish in their purchasing of food, the repurposing of food, and more, we were able to come up with a strategy to massively reduce food waste in the country.

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